My Life In Pink

Ma Vie en Rose 1997

Title.original: My Life In Pink
AKA: My Life in Pink, My Life in Pink-Pink, My Life in Pink, The rosy life, Ena agori sta roz, pink life, My Life in Pink, A dance on roses, the pink years, Ma vie en rose, pink life, My Life in Pink
Director: Alain Berliner
Script: Alain Berliner, Chris Vanderstappen
Type: Drama
Country: Belgium, France, UK
Year: 1997
Language: French
Duration: 88 mins.
Cast: Michèle Laroque, Jean-Philippe Ecoffey, Hélène Vincent, George du Fresne, Daniel Hanssens, Laurence Bibot, Jean-François Gallote, Caroline Baehr, Julien Riviere, Marie Bunel, Gregory Diallo, Erik Cazals De Fabel, Cristina Barget, Delphine Cadet, Morgan Bruna
Synopsis: Ludovic is a transsexual girl who is discovering. She speaks to marry the son of his neighbor and can not understand why everyone is so surprised by it. His family and neighbors struggle with their actions. (IMDB)
Version.Rip: Ma.vie.en.Rose.1997.DVDRip.XviD-DeLiTE.avi
Size: 701,74 MB
Rating: Ma Vie en Rose (1997) on IMDb
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