feriado 2014

Original Title: Holiday
AKA: Holiday (international title), Holiday. First love
Director: Diego Araujo
Script: Diego Araujo
Type: Drama
Country: ecuador argentina
Year: 2014
Language: Spanish, Quechua
Duration: 82 mins.
Cast: Juan Manuel Arregui, Elena Vargas, Cristina Morrison, Peki Andino, Canela Samaniego, Manuela Merchán, Irwin Ortiz, Francisco Pérez Uscococivh, Sami Maigua, Anne-Dominique Correa, Amado Silva, Said López, Diego Andres Paredes, Joshi Espinoza, Galo Hidalgo, Pepe Alvear
Synopsis: Drama set in the turbulent turn of the millennium in Ecuador and centered on a young man who begins to develop feelings for Juano complicated after he saves him from a beating. (IMDB)
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Rating: Holiday (2014) on IMDb
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