Original Title: Tiresia
AKA: Tiresia, Tiresias
Director: Bertrand Bonello
Script: Bertrand Bonello, Luca Fazzi
Type: Drama
Country: France, Canada
Year: 2003
Language: French, Portuguese
Duration: 115 mins.
Cast: Laurent Lucas, Clara Choveaux, Thiago Teles, Célia Catalifo, Lou Castel, Alex Descas, Fred Ulysse, Stella, Marcelo Novais Teles, Olivier Torres, Isabelle Ungaro, Abel Nataf
Synopsis: Tiresia is both woman and man, according to Greek mythology. Aquí, Tiresia is a Brazilian transexual living with his brother in the outskirts of Paris. Terranova, admirer of beauty, He is a dreamer. His obsession with Tiresia leads him to abduct. Sin embargo, without their regular dose of hormones, Tiresia gradually begins to transform back into man. Angry, Terranova blinds Tiresia and leaves the field. Allí, Anna is responsible for Tiresia, helping her recover. (Written by The Truth on IMDB)
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