Naked Boys Singing

Original Title: Naked Boys Singing!
Director: Robert Schrock, Troy Christian
Script: Marie Cain, David Pevsner
Type: Theatre, Comedy, Musical
Country: usa
Year: 2007
Language: English
Duration: 83 mins.
Cast: Kevin Alexander Stea, Joe Souza, Phong Truong, Andrew Blake Ames, Anthony Manough, Salvatore Vassallo, Vincent Zamora, Joseph Keane, Jason Currie, Jaymes Hodges
Synopsis: Este caprichoso éxito musical de Broadway es acertadamente adaptado y transferido a la pantalla. La auto titulada descriptivamente “Naked Boys Singing! (Chicos desnudos cantando!)” es una revista musical de canciones que se burlan de la vida gay, el culto al cuerpo, el amor, la pérdida y el deseo.
Rip Version: Naked.Boys.Singing-Gay.Themed.Movie.2007.avi
Size: 876,73 MB
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    1. Bosie, we have to go see this play, we should somehow get tickets, if still in theaters jujujuju, graciassssssss liked that minute

      1. Lolo I'm afraid you've come a few years later, jujujujuj; the musical is early 2000; in Spain also it made, at least in Madrid; I saw the sign being there, but remaining entries that inorder, so I missed it
        But the movie is funny, and we see good bodies, plus they are good actors and dancers from Broadway.
        Bueno, I guess you're celebrating your birthday: CONGRATULATIONS, again

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