A Very Natural Thing

Original Title: A Very Natural Thing
AKA: Algo Muito Natural, For As Long As Possible
Director: Christopher Larkin
Script: Christopher Larkin, Joseph Coencas
Type: Drama, Romance
Country: usa
Year: 1974
Language: English
Duration: 80 mins.
Cast: Robert McLane, Curt Gareth, Bo White, Anthony McKay, Marilyn Meyers, Jay Pierce, Barnaby Rudge, A. Bailey Chapin, Scott Eisman, Michael Kell, Sheila Rock, Linda Weitz, Robert Grillo, Howard Blakey, George Diaz
Synopsis: Un emocionante drama romántico examina la vida de un gay de 26 años, ex-monje, maestro de escuela que vive en Manhattan. Cuando se encuentra con un hombre en un bar gay, se conectan y pronto viven juntos. Desafortunadamente sus puntos de vista sobre la monogamia no coinciden. (IMDB)
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  1. This is not a technically perfect film, film of 70 It has aged badly in general; but it has qualities to be seen. It is the first productions showing gay life as normal and possible unvarnished; also it speaks of a short period of time that gays and lesbians began to feel free and to fight for their rights, especially after the events of Stonewall, and also coinciding with the social and sexual liberation that marked the end of the year 60 and the hippy movement; a period that unfortunately was cut short by the onset of AIDS in the early 80. Recomendable, even as a historical document.

    1. I started to see it by that historic document and understand a little this period, but it is that really looks old from the perspective of now,es.

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