Original Title: Dakan
AKA: Destiny, Destino
Director: Mohamed Camara
Script: Mohamed Camara
Type: Drama
Year: 1997
Language: French
Duration: 87 mins.
Cast: Cécile Bois, Mamady Mory Camara, Koumba Diakite, Aboucar Touré
Synopsis: Manga y Sory son dos jovenes africanos que se aman con locura y quieren vivir juntos, but for their families homosexuality it is a disgrace and make every effort to separate.

Dakan has been described as the first film in West Africa, the first film and the first sub-Saharan African black film in treating homosexuality. It represents the conflict between gay characters and their families in a society where homosexuality is taboo. According to Monica Bungaro in “Male Feminist Fiction”, the film suggests that homosexuality is natural fact and widespread. Sory seems to be attractive to several other young, and the relationship between Sory and Manga is accepted by their classmates.

“I made this film to pay homage to those who express their love in any way they feel, despite the efforts of society to repress”. Mhamed Camara

Camara started making Dakan with funding from the governments of France and Guinea. When Guinean government discovered that the theme was homosexuality, funding withdrew. Camara used his own money to finance the project and received some financial support from the French television channel La Sept. Filming faced angry protesters disrupting. The cast consisted of local Guineans actors, and a French actress. Camara originally planned to play the role of Manga, but he ended up playing the father of Sori. The soundtrack features music musician Sory Kandia Kouyate of Guinea.

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