Verfehlung [Missing]

Title.original: Verfehlung [Missing]
AKA: What must not be, The responsible, The Culpable
Director: Gerd Schneider
Script: Gerd Schneider
Type: Drama
Country: Germany
Year: 2015
Language: German
Duration: 95 mins.
Cast: Sebastian Blomberg, Kai Schumann, Jan fairs, Hartmut Becker, Anna Maria Bergold, Sandra Borgmann, Oskar Bökelmann, Anne Due, Valerie Koch, Sebastian States, Steffen Lenk, George Tounas, Bernd Würch
Synopsis: The life and faith of a Catholic priest in prison is shaken when his friend and colleague is detained on suspicion of sexual abuse, which leads him to discover the truth. (IMDB)
Version.Rip: Missing.(2015).mp4
Size: 1,21 GB
Rating: Verfehlung (2015) on IMDb
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